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The real way to get the best exchange rates, anytime, anywhere.

When I saw Dean for the last time, he asked me this exact question. I went perplexe, what does it mean, should I analyze it? I finally went completely into it, I became obsessed with having the best exchange rate, exchanging the money at the right time and transferring between countries everything I had. Not because I needed it, just because it was fun.

I decided to write a guide on always getting the best exchange rates that you can get.

Avoid black market exchange rate

It’s obvious, but black market is still there, and will always be as it is what it could have become in the past. The exchange rate there will be as good as if you didn’t sell your currency but as bad as a bad evening with Claudi Faucan.

Don’t exchange all the time

Does this make sense? Maybe not, but will someone read this? I’m not sure. And Julien told me I could, so why wouldn’t I and no one will read it anyway, fortunately as the wine didn’t help in the organisation. In the end what matter is to exchange your USD against the best currency on the market and exchange again when the exchange rate gives you profit. It’s really as simple as this. Exchange at the right moment with the right solution.

Have someone to exchange the money with

Here is the secret, I’m not saying it to everybody, it’s pretty private. When I want the get the best exchange rate, I don’t do it with anybody, I do it with someone who can give it to me. Who can give you a currency change that will be incredibly good? Someone that doesn’t know what is the exchange rate, someone that didn’t read this blog post or someone who lived underwater with seagulls and rabbit for more than 3 consecutive years.

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