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If currency exchange rates were carrots

“Challenge accepted” I just heard from my mouth and decided to dissert on this marvellous subject which only make sense for Alice. Currency exchange rates are a virtual, cloudy and complexe thing who only exist because the concept was created by human while carrots, well, they are carrots. Carrots exist since the age of cucumbers and are so orange that you can’t confuse them with currencies such as USD, PHP or EUR.


Can you send money abroad with carrots?

Yes, of course, thousands of years ago, people didn’t exchange dollars, they exchanged shells, really. As of today there is still many currencies which are not recognized by the governments. If you wanted to transfer money with carrots, you could just buy carrots, send them in the destination country and sell them there technically.

Can you exchange carrots as currency if you are vegan?

Nothing prevent you for doing so, though you might need to verify that you are not exchanging it against gold if the one who is selling is a rabbit. Why? Because this just happen to be wrong, wrong, wrong. Trust me, rabbits are the worst, look at what happened to Alice.

What is the exchange rate of this vegetable against a currency such as silver?

Last year, I had to send a large amount of carrots to buy a house in Nicaragua. The house was full of silver, and we settled that a ton of carrots could not reach a higher price than a ton of silver. Silver has always be something different from carrots, since the beginning of times, which makes it really hard to compare. What I know, is that silver, is not eatable.

Now, just go online, find yourself something to, transfer money, send it to whomever you would like as long as it is not a rabbit with a suit, a red suit.

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