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How the best euro exchange rate help me fulfill my dreams

We all have dreams. Some are unrealistic like the fact of flying like a bird or having magic powers enabling you to change your boss into a squirrel. Others also seem unrealistic like having a fancy car you had always dreamed of. This until something changes. For example experiencing the best euro exchange rates of one’s life.

An unrealistic dream…

Before the best euro exchange rates of all time arose, my dream of buying a UK 4200 GT Maserati seemed to be out of reach…due to my limited budget. Indeed, I had managed to save just over 10 000 € after many years of hard work. All this in order to fulfill my dream of buying a Maserati 4200 GT with steering wheel on the right hand side. I had done quite some research over the years and it seemed that either I had to manage and spear another 3 000 € minimum to fulfill my dream or I had to change model. The problem is having 3 children in high school, spearing that amount of money seems extremely complicated without renouncing to family holidays for example. This would have been quite selfish if I had chosen the car instead of spending 1 or 2 weeks of quality time with my family. I was starting to look alternative models and started to believe that I would have to renounce and go for something else… Until something unexpected happened.


…before the best euro exchange rates of all time occurred

The Brexit made my dream come true. Of course many of you will feel bad about reading these words. This is the pure truth though. Since I had managed to spear 10 000 € to fulfill my dream, 1€ was never worth more the 0,70 GBP. As most Maserati 4200 GT were around 12 000 GBP before negotiation, this was still far from my budget.

Soon after the Brexit, 1€ was now worth 0,90 GBP ! You can see this for yourself on the following website. Once this occurred I spent many nights looking for my dream car in a price range I could afford. This is when I spotted an offer around 11500 GBP… which became 9 000 GBP after two three rounds of tough negotiation. In other words, biiinnnggoooo! I had my  Maserati 4200 GT for 10 000 € / 9 000 GBP.

I rushed there the next day in order to finalize the deal and now always check when the best euro exchange rates occur thanks to the automatic reminders I get to buy holiday bookings and tickets. This can make a huge difference in the end.

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