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The most influential & the best foreign exchange rate

How would we define what is the difference between the best foreign exchange rate and the most influential one. The best one is supposed to be the one which is the most powerful and the most influential one is supposed to be the exchange rate which has the most effects on other currencies. Let’s start by digging into the best foreign exchange rate and its power over other currencies and then we will discover which exchange rate is the best one and which one is the most influential.




The best foreign exchange rate has power over other currencies

Especially when you need to send money regularly, even small amounts, but also big amounts, you are looking at exchange rates with either exchange rate notifications or watching exchange rates graphs all day long. When you take a look at the best foreign exchange rate such as USD-EUR or USD-GBP or USD-CNY you will soon realize that there are other currencies changing because of them. For example if the USD EUR is very strong then the USD CHF is going to be very strong too. Because they are linked to each other. That’s why it’s always good to compare exchange rates using a money transfer comparison service before making any international transfer or payment.


The best foreign exchange rate is the Swiss Franc – USD, the most influential one is US dollar – Euro

I would say that it’s obvious that the Swiss Franc and the United States dollars are playing a huge role in the money transfer market. Together they represent 50% of the money which is sent by individuals abroad. USD EUR is also very influential because these are the currencies used by governments which have the power over the world. Let’s guess. Every change is mastered from A to Z? Yes. Almost. That’s why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not welcome. Governments don’t have the power over it.


The best foreign exchange rate or the most influential one is approx EUR, USD and CHF for reasons which are obvious. Governments have the power over them and that’s why we better compare exchange rates before doing anything wrong.


How to read an exchange rate table?

Who never asked? All those rates which means nothing… You won’t have the problem anymore thanks to this article.

What is an exchange rate table?

It’s a table containing information about exchange rates. It helps you to compare exchange rates. Exchange rate offices use them to make some advertisement so that customers come into their office.
The table often looks like this:
Country    Buy    Sell

USA              1.35       1.3


How to read that kind of table?

Let’s take the hypothesis that we are in France and you buy USD with your euros.

You probably need to go to New York for a personal visit. In order to know the amount of dollars you will get you need to multiply the amount of euros you have by the exchange rate they sell for USD. For example: with 1000€ you get 1000 * 1.33 = 1330 $. Well this exchange rate is far different today but let’s suppose it’s an example.
If you want to buy 2000 $ you can make this calculation:
2000$ / 1.33 = 1503€
You need to start from the dollars you want and to divide by the rate they provide.


For the buy part: the exchange rate office will take your dollars and give you euros in exchange.
For many years one dollar has been lower than one euro. However over the last few weeks with Trump’s election among other news, the dollar and the euro are very close.


Anyway when you need to change money remember that the worst place is the airport. The second worst place is your bank. And the best place would be to use your visa/mastercard card or a Revolut account, or even a N26 account. Well anyway the best way to compare exchange rates will remain the online way for ever.

Best Foreign Exchange Rate for Expats? – Compare Free Quotes Now & Save

You are expatriate and you need to send money abroad? I am too. I always search for the best foreign exchange rate. There are different ways to get it every time and there is a specific method to follow.


How to get the best foreign exchange rate?

If you want to get the best foreign exchange rate you need to know what are the rates of the different money transfer providers. Among money transfer providers there are brokers, online money transfer operators and banks. And guess what? Banks are the most expensive. Banks are the slowest too. New online money transfer operators and online brokers are the most useful solutions to get the best foreign exchange rate.

I would name CurrencyFair, Transferwise, Azimo, Xendpay, Covercy, HIFX, TorFX, CurrencySolutions, CurrencyUK, and many others. The best way to access to a sorted list of them is to use a money transfer comparison website.




Why is it necessary to compare each time you send money abroad?

So using a comparison service is useful to get the best foreign exchange rate, and what about the frequency of using such a service?

The first thing to know is very important. The rates which are offered by the different online operators are changing every minute because they are connected in real time to the official mid-market exchange rate. And the service adds a fee, mostly hidden, which makes the rate less advantageous than the official one. Let’s say you found one solution one day and you are happy with it because it was the cheapest. What prevents the operator from changing the fees it is charging? Nothing. That’s why it’s important to compare again. Most services offer the best foreign exchange rate for new customers and then charge much more.


Getting the best foreign exchange rate means using a comparison which is connected in real-time. Then it’s necessary to compare each time otherwise the operator is going to charge more.



The 6 ultimate advices when you compare exchange rates

It’s useful to compare exchange rates when you are living abroad and you need to send money abroad. The most important is obvious: compare the exchange rate provided by your bank with the exchange rates you can find elsewhere. You will find 90% less expensive by simply going online. Here are the main tips if you need to compare exchange rates online.


TIPS: The 3 essential criteria when you compare exchange rates

There are 3 criteria which you should take into account when you compare exchange rates:

  • Hidden fees: it is said that there is no fee. Let’s take a look at the difference between the mid-market exchange rate on Google and the exchange rate that the operator offers.
  • Speed: it’s good to book an exchange rate but when you compare exchange rates sometimes you need to have send money asap. Sometimes you can’t get the exchange rate before a few days. That’s a pity.
  • Promotion: there are special offers when you make a money transfer for the first time. Take a look at what it is because next time if you keep using the same service it’s going to cost much more.




TIPS: the 3 different types of comparison services. Choose the best one

There are 3 different types of comparison services, helping you to compare the best exchange rates:

  • Comparison of services but no mention of rates: this comparator is the most easy to find but it’s usually biased because the services are not sorted by cost.
  • Comparison of services with mention of rates which don’t evolve: as brokers and money transfer operators have prices which are ever-changing, comparing the rates is not useful as the rates you’re going to find on the comparison is not the same as the one you will find on the service you choose.
  • Real-time comparison of money transfer services’ rates: this is the best one. Money transfer comparisons which compare in real-time are the most helpful.


So you just found out about the 6 best advices when you need to send money abroad. Use a money transfer comparison service is the most useful.


How the best euro exchange rate help me fulfill my dreams

We all have dreams. Some are unrealistic like the fact of flying like a bird or having magic powers enabling you to change your boss into a squirrel. Others also seem unrealistic like having a fancy car you had always dreamed of. This until something changes. For example experiencing the best euro exchange rates of one’s life.

An unrealistic dream…

Before the best euro exchange rates of all time arose, my dream of buying a UK 4200 GT Maserati seemed to be out of reach…due to my limited budget. Indeed, I had managed to save just over 10 000 € after many years of hard work. All this in order to fulfill my dream of buying a Maserati 4200 GT with steering wheel on the right hand side. I had done quite some research over the years and it seemed that either I had to manage and spear another 3 000 € minimum to fulfill my dream or I had to change model. The problem is having 3 children in high school, spearing that amount of money seems extremely complicated without renouncing to family holidays for example. This would have been quite selfish if I had chosen the car instead of spending 1 or 2 weeks of quality time with my family. I was starting to look alternative models and started to believe that I would have to renounce and go for something else… Until something unexpected happened.


…before the best euro exchange rates of all time occurred

The Brexit made my dream come true. Of course many of you will feel bad about reading these words. This is the pure truth though. Since I had managed to spear 10 000 € to fulfill my dream, 1€ was never worth more the 0,70 GBP. As most Maserati 4200 GT were around 12 000 GBP before negotiation, this was still far from my budget.

Soon after the Brexit, 1€ was now worth 0,90 GBP ! You can see this for yourself on the following website. Once this occurred I spent many nights looking for my dream car in a price range I could afford. This is when I spotted an offer around 11500 GBP… which became 9 000 GBP after two three rounds of tough negotiation. In other words, biiinnnggoooo! I had my  Maserati 4200 GT for 10 000 € / 9 000 GBP.

I rushed there the next day in order to finalize the deal and now always check when the best euro exchange rates occur thanks to the automatic reminders I get to buy holiday bookings and tickets. This can make a huge difference in the end.


Get the best exchange rate for a CAD transfer

The Canadian dollar is among the currencies the most traded in the world. Canada is among the TOP 5 of countries which send the most of remittances abroad with a total of 23 billions $ sent in 2015. For these reasons the solutions to transfer CAD into a foreign currency are numerous and the market is competitive. So how to get the best exchange rates for a CAD transfer? Here is a quick overview of the options.


Choose the operator which provides the best exchange rate for a CAD transfer

Besides the banks there are money transfer services. A lot exist for a CAD transfer as the market is competitive. They can offer you a higher exchange rate than banks. In average a bank take 8% of fees in an international money transfer while a money transfer operator take in average between 2% and 3%. This can make a huge difference in the amount of money received.  That’s why it is important to get the best exchange rates for a CAD transfer. You will see many options and so you can feel lost among all those alternatives. The best is to compare all the options.

Below an exhaustive list of banks and money transfer companies which allow to send money from Canada:

Western Union
Sigue Money Transfers
Xpress Money
AGR Money Transfer
Small World FS-LCC
Rapid Remittance
Habib Express
Dollar Links
Remitty Money Transfer
Metro Remittance
Reliable Peso Remit
Thisal Financial

Transfer at the best moment


Exchange rates between two currencies vary and fluctuate every hour. As currencies value are always changing it is important to transfer a moment when the exchange rate is high. By transferring at a good moment you’ll get the best exchange rates for a CAD transfer. This can make a huge difference in the amount of money received.

The real way to get the best exchange rates, anytime, anywhere.

When I saw Dean for the last time, he asked me this exact question. I went perplexe, what does it mean, should I analyze it? I finally went completely into it, I became obsessed with having the best exchange rate, exchanging the money at the right time and transferring between countries everything I had. Not because I needed it, just because it was fun.

I decided to write a guide on always getting the best exchange rates that you can get.

Avoid black market exchange rate

It’s obvious, but black market is still there, and will always be as it is what it could have become in the past. The exchange rate there will be as good as if you didn’t sell your currency but as bad as a bad evening with Claudi Faucan.

Don’t exchange all the time

Does this make sense? Maybe not, but will someone read this? I’m not sure. And Julien told me I could, so why wouldn’t I and no one will read it anyway, fortunately as the wine didn’t help in the organisation. In the end what matter is to exchange your USD against the best currency on the market and exchange again when the exchange rate gives you profit. It’s really as simple as this. Exchange at the right moment with the right solution.

Have someone to exchange the money with

Here is the secret, I’m not saying it to everybody, it’s pretty private. When I want the get the best exchange rate, I don’t do it with anybody, I do it with someone who can give it to me. Who can give you a currency change that will be incredibly good? Someone that doesn’t know what is the exchange rate, someone that didn’t read this blog post or someone who lived underwater with seagulls and rabbit for more than 3 consecutive years.

Now you know everything, don’t forget to like, share and comment to receive your Willy waller 2005



If currency exchange rates were carrots

“Challenge accepted” I just heard from my mouth and decided to dissert on this marvellous subject which only make sense for Alice. Currency exchange rates are a virtual, cloudy and complexe thing who only exist because the concept was created by human while carrots, well, they are carrots. Carrots exist since the age of cucumbers and are so orange that you can’t confuse them with currencies such as USD, PHP or EUR.


Can you send money abroad with carrots?

Yes, of course, thousands of years ago, people didn’t exchange dollars, they exchanged shells, really. As of today there is still many currencies which are not recognized by the governments. If you wanted to transfer money with carrots, you could just buy carrots, send them in the destination country and sell them there technically.

Can you exchange carrots as currency if you are vegan?

Nothing prevent you for doing so, though you might need to verify that you are not exchanging it against gold if the one who is selling is a rabbit. Why? Because this just happen to be wrong, wrong, wrong. Trust me, rabbits are the worst, look at what happened to Alice.

What is the exchange rate of this vegetable against a currency such as silver?

Last year, I had to send a large amount of carrots to buy a house in Nicaragua. The house was full of silver, and we settled that a ton of carrots could not reach a higher price than a ton of silver. Silver has always be something different from carrots, since the beginning of times, which makes it really hard to compare. What I know, is that silver, is not eatable.

Now, just go online, find yourself something to, transfer money, send it to whomever you would like as long as it is not a rabbit with a suit, a red suit.